8 Ways I’ve Quieted my Spirit when Feeling Tense

  1. Listen to a sermon or podcast – To help break my thoughts, I like to get direct counsel and nourishment from a good sermon or podcast episode that speaks directly to what I may be facing. You can find a list of some of my favorite podcasts and sermons on my blog post “Hannah’s Hotlist of Powerful Podcasts and Online Sermons” here: https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post/markedlife.wordpress.com/243.
  2. Journal – I began journaling at about 11 years old, and I haven’t stopped yet. When words seem too much to speak, or when I don’t feel that what I am facing can be fully shared with a person, I let my writing take the lead. I simply write to myself, and many times I write out my exhaustion and emotions directly to the Lord as prayers. Soon I’ll be sharing some of those “deep in the valley” prayers in my coming eBook, “Through the Turbulence”.
  3. Take a shower – With two little ones constantly at my feet, shower time has become so much more meaningful than simply getting clean! Now this doesn’t mean that my girls don’t come barging in from time to time, but most days I can sneak away totally uninterrupted. There is something so refreshing and soothing about clearing my mind and enjoying a little aromatherapy. I’ve also found this to be a great time to pray.
  4. Exercise – Some good cardio or weight lifting helps to clear my mind and fuel my body. 
  5. Clean up and organize my space – Cleaning up helps me to feel better, think better, and get my mind focused on something else. I’ve noticed that this is a great time to listen to sermons and podcasts too. I love cozy environments that are aesthetically pleasing, so this really helps to lift my spirits.
  6. Sit outside and soak up some sun – Fresh air and the sun work wonders for your moods. When I was in therapy a few years ago, one of the things my therapist prescribed was some outdoor time for depression. If you can’t make it outdoors, open those blinds and let some natural light shine in. 
  7. Prayer – In my home, my kitchen has been my war room. I have a window overlooking my back yard, and this is the place that I meet the Father almost daily. I have cried, yelled, praised, and interceded in this place. Pouring out my heart in prayer has lifted my spirit without fail.
  8. Have alone time – When I am overwhelmed, I almost always need to be alone to process and regroup.

What are some useful things that you do to quiet your spirit when feeling tense? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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