A Christian Mother and Wife’s Creed

In my recent podcast episode 001 (www.shesmarked.com), I talk about how we are warriors as women. This post by Blogger Temi Michael-O is such a powerful declaration using the Soldiers Creed, except, for Christian Mothers and Wives. So good!

Christian Mommas

Whether we desire war or not, we are constantly at war. There is a war over our lives as Christian mothers and wives. The enemy wants to divide and conquer our homes. He knows fully well that the family is the bedrock of the society. If he can destroy families, he can conquer the world. He also knows that mothers are powerful people, so he is after us. He wants to use us to hurt our children and cause a drift between fathers and children. We have an enemy who has lost, but he still lives in delusion that he can win a lost battle.

The soldier’s creed came to mind as I thought of the battle for our lives, children, and spouses. Consequently, I decided to view the soldier’s creed with spiritual eyes ;). Creed are set of beliefs, values,ideologies that guide our actions. Today, I present my creed…

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