Don’t Lose Spiritual Disciplines for Fear of Legalism

I came across this incredible post from Sarah Walton. This article is full of deep wisdom and truth regarding our Christian journey. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to (and convict) you as you digest. Sarah, thank you!

Set Apart


In 2015, I was given the incredible opportunity of participating in a 16-week course taught by Colin Smith alongside of a few other guest speakers. During one of these sessions, I was struck by a statement made by Pastor Colin. He said,

Don’t let the fear of legalism rob you of the benefits of a regular pattern of walking with God.

His words caught my attention and I began to recognize ways that I had fallen into this skewed way of thinking.

Legalism or Discipline?

Some years ago, while in a small group with other young Christian couples, someone shared that they believed we shouldn’t force ourselves to pray before each meal. “For if we did, wouldn’t that be legalism?” they asked. “If we don’t feel thankful in the moment, aren’t we being hypocritical and legalistic to pray and thank God for our food simply out of habit?” Although something seemed…

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