She’s Marked Podcast E003 – Laying Foundations (Pt II) Understanding who God is

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We’re back today with part II of the series “Laying Foundations”. In episode 002 (If you missed episode 002? Listen here), I introduced what I believe are the 4 vital foundations that must be laid as we move toward deliverance:

1) Understanding who God is

2) Understanding who we are

3) Understanding who Satan is

4) Understanding our fight and who it is against 

Once we know who God the Father, Our Father is, then we position ourselves to begin understanding things like:

  • The load we are intended to carry vs. the load He is intended to carry
  • Our true identity as Daughters of God

As I was gathering my thoughts on this series, I thought of the term “fine print”. A lot of mistakes and pain experienced in our lives is due to the fine print of our spiritual lives being overlooked, misunderstood, or not taken seriously. The details are always in the fine print.

God fills every crevice of space. He is so right under our noses, that we cannot be ignorant of Him. As Stephen Charnock puts it, “As he [God] cannot be comprehended in His essence, He cannot be unknown in His existence”. Some of the attributes of God discussed are God’s:
Sources referenced in this episode are from the following sites:

Click to access attributes_p.pdf

Additional resources and study on the nature and attributes of God can be found here:

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