For the Moms – “Our Life in Words” with Kimberly Jesika

This…is my sister. Like shared blood sister. She was part of the village that helped to care for me. She is the life of the party, with a heart that would give you her very last. Today, Kimberly talks about accepting your kids for who they are, things every mom should know, and her personal experience with apologizing to her child. Sister, thank you so much for the roll you’ve played in my life, and allowing us a glimpse into your life in words.

How many children do you have? I have one child.

How old is your child? 29 years old.

Are you a mom of girls, boys, or both? Mom of a son.

What are 3 things every Mom should know?

First, make your own rules, don’t be afraid. What your Mom and Grandma did may not work for you. Different times, different children. Follow your own gut!

For example, I was told to let my infant cry or I’ll spoil him. That did not work for me. It was my gut. My child needed the support, presence, and cuddling. I did not want him to have withdrawal or abandonment issues on his soul. He needed me.

Second, be okay with being perfectly imperfect. You don’t have to get it perfect because it’s always changing. Develop you and your child’s groove.

Thirdly, be okay with ALONE time with your infant and significant other. Bonding is so important and as new Moms, we can tend to get overwhelmed with Mommy duties and trying to please everyone with new visits and all. It’s okay to say “NO”, “I will” or “Soon”.

How do you accept a child for who they are?

Learn who your child is and what’s important to them. Teach them core non-negotiable values to build around them, that no matter what, those core values drive the rest.

Accept that their wishes may also not align with yours AT ALL. That’s when you pray of course for a spirit of reasoning.

When was a time you had to apologize to your child(ren)?

It became a part of our relationship.

At times I was incorrect and had to show my child, “Hey you know what? I am human, and I make mistakes and just because I am older, no I don’t know everything! I do however know what I know, and I am open to knowing and learning more, even from you.”

For the Moms

I am all the more grateful for the women (like Kimberly) who have chosen to join me on this journey of transparency and support – ESPECIALLY in addition to the life adjustments and loads we are all experiencing in the midst of COVID-19! I can’t thank you enough.

Connection and support are vital to our growth and survival as humans and as Women. I have met many Mothers (myself included at one point) who are going through the trenches and carrying loads solo. This has often led to depression, loneliness, isolation, and such guilt and shame in “not measuring up”.

My prayer is that the women who lay eyes on “Our Life in Words“, will be encouraged, enlightened, and all the more hopeful.

For the Moms,


This series is for the Moms! In honor of Mothers, this May will be chock-full of real stories of Motherhood from Moms of all ages, in all stages. Join me as I feature different Moms (on a weekly basis) who will so graciously be sharing their life in words.

If you missed yesterday’s feature, catch it here! Stay tuned for more stories of triumph, valleys, and faith continuing on Thursday, May 14th!

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10 thoughts on “For the Moms – “Our Life in Words” with Kimberly Jesika

  1. So encouraging. There have been many times that I have had to apologize to my children. Thanks for the reminder that… that’s ok. We are human. We make mistakes. We are teaching our kids humility in our apologies.

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  2. While not yet a mother, I am grateful to have read this post. We are surrounded by opinions day in and day out, and we can be so hard on ourselves somedays. At the end of the day, it’s important to listen to our gut instincts. Thank you for sharing your journey!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this! I also heard many of the things that your sister did regarding raising children. I remember the whole “cry it out” and how that was supposed to be the best method to get the children to follow suit. I did it for like two days and I couldn’t. I caved. And I continue to raise my son based on who he is as a person and his needs.

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