For the Moms is Back and more “Bold & Brave” than ever

Blog series “For the Moms” is back and more bold and brave than ever!

I never quite imagined that this project would go beyond 1 year – but it has, and here we are!

The 2020 For the Moms…Our Life in Words series was too powerful to not run again. And, if you missed the abundance of encouragement and stories, just scroll through the posts on the blog to read them. You can also watch the 2020 For the Moms (FTM) video tribute to Moms below:

I believe that this year’s series holds even more weight, much more relevance, and a whole lot more necessity than last year’s.

For many, the recent months have backed us up against mental, financial, emotional and physical walls. It has challenged the grain of who we are – in particular, our faith. Various studies reflect how Mothers across the country (and globe) are in crisis in the wake of the pandemic. Other studies reflect the steady rise in anxiety and depression and the increasing need for medications and other interventions to help people cope. 

Fogged by the pandemic and pretty intense global tension, we have been pressed, tried, and transformed along with the world around us. In addition to that, much of us have gone through battle after battle and loss after loss.

Personally, I have seen a different side of myself that I didn’t quite know was there; the “Hannah” that surfaces under intense pressure. Trust me, she wasn’t all glitzy or glammy either…

A huge question and realization I have personally come to has been, what am I really made of and what is the true affinity of my heart? If I’ve learned nothing else in the past 13 months, I have learned:

  • The dire need to lean on God as my strength.
  • How to stand in Him through the lowest, darkest, (and most exhausting) trenches.
  • And, new areas that He is calling me to rise more bold and brave in.

This work is a bridge that connects women as we journey along the path of Motherhood – one of our biggest ministries.

I am again stirred by this selection of dynamite Women who, when the world is shaken around them, grip even more tightly to their faith in Almighty God. Their stories speak of their unwavering, undaunted faith in the only One who is able to guide them as they water and nourish the next generation.

These aren’t stories of perfection – as you’ll read. We fail, we meet roadblocks, we tire. These are stories however, of the power and strength of the Lord who has called us, who restores us, and who gives us the bold vision for our roles as Mothers.

My dear new Mom friends share candidly about their valleys, and how those valleys have shaped them. They share of miraculous healings, practical wisdom and advice, and how they are evolving as Mothers in the image of Jesus.

As Believers, it’s critical to be aware of the times and the fact that we are accelerating into a season where everything that can be shaken, will be.

These warrior women, from around the world, speak of the ways in which they have had to be bold and brave, how they equip their children to be bold and brave in the face of uncertain times and spiritual warfare, and how they continue to rise in the power and strength of the Lord.

When our circumstances have tempted us to idolize troubles or bow to the status quo for risk of being canceled, we have redirected our eyes to the Savior. When demands and guilt battle for residence in our mental space, we are committed to taking hold of the reins of truth in the Word of God.

As Women of God, we have had to look deep within ourselves to soberly evaluate our foundation and our faith. We have had to say no in a culture that increasingly says “yes”. We are living witnesses. Walking testimonies. Breathing miracles.

So, if you’re a new mom, or a seasoned one – this is for you!

If you’ve ever been in question, or weary, or alone, or afraid – this is for you!

If you’re a woman – this is for you!

If you know the goodness of God – this is for you!

If you have a woman that you love who is a mom or hopes to become one – this is for you!

If you are ready to rise as a woman of God who is bold and brave – then this is for YOU!

Of the many takeaways I’ve received in doing this series, the most profound (and comforting) takeaway is that I am not alone, and that the Lord never fails. Really, it’s true!

Join me during the entire month of May, as I again feature everyday women who share their lives and encouragement with us. 

It is my honor to present to you, For the Moms Bold & Brave.

For the Moms - Bold  & Brave

Growing in Grace,


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