For the Moms – “Bold & Brave” with Tamara South

For the Moms - Bold & Brave

How many children do you have? Two.

How old are they? Ages 7 and 10.

Are you a mom of boy and girl? I have a girl and a boy.

How do I continue to rise in the power and strength of the Lord in this age?

I continue to rise in strength and power by continuing to put God first.
In these times of uncertainty, it is so hard to stay encouraged. You have to remember that God goes before you and not your circumstances. When we focus our energy on our circumstances we lose sight of the promise of God. You have to remind yourself daily what the word of God says.
My favorite scripture is, “The Joy of the lord is my strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Tamara south

What are some things that you had to choose to sacrifice for the betterment of yourself and your children?

One of the things we had to sacrifice for the betterment of our children is money.

We went from two incomes to one which was very scary. I started blogging as a means of just doing something other than taking care of my child, and God made a way so that I started earning an income from blogging.

We didn’t have a plan on what we were going to do, but we believed God. We stepped out on faith and believed that God would make a way and He did.

We will not understand everything that God tells us to do, but we have to trust and obey.

How did you keep the spark alive in your marriage after becoming a mom?

This was difficult because I was dealing with mom guilt, and feeling like going out was not something that I was suppose to do.

However, as time went on I realized that my marriage was suffering because we did not spend much time alone together. After I realized that our marriage was not healthy, we made sure that we got to go out at least once a month. As things changed due to COVID, once the kids went to sleep we would have Netflix nights.

You have to be proactive and intentional in keeping your marriage afloat. If not the marriage can become stagnant.

How do you handle the strong willed child?

I like to believe I was also a strong-willed child growing up.

My grandmother instilled independence in me at a young age. I got to make my own decisions, and she always told me to weigh out my options.

With my strong-willed child (my son), I do the same thing; helping him understand how to choose from right and wrong instead of just telling him what to do.

Tamara South – Speaker

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I am all the more grateful for the women (like Tamara) who have chosen to join me on this journey of transparency and support – ESPECIALLY in addition to the life adjustments and loads we all experienced in the midst of the last year! I can’t thank you enough.

Connection and support are vital to our growth and survival as humans and as Women. I have met many Mothers (myself included at one point) who are going through the trenches and carrying loads solo. This has often led to depression, loneliness, isolation, and such guilt and shame in “not measuring up”.

My prayer is that the women who lay eyes on “Bold & Brave”, will be encouraged, emboldened, and all the more hopeful.

For the Moms,


This series is for the Moms! In honor of Mothers, this May will be chock-full of real stories of Motherhood from Moms of all ages, in all stages. Join me as I feature different Moms (on a weekly basis) who will so graciously be sharing their life in words.

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