She’s Marked Podcast – E008 Laying Foundations (Understanding Our Fight & Who it is Against)

In the fourth and last installment of the ‘Laying Foundations’ series, host Hannah explores the need to understand our fight and who it’s against. In our spiritual journey towards becoming free, it is essential in recognizing that identifying where the fight comes from and who it’s against will liberate us from the fears and temptations that can harm us and instead, will empower us to become closer to God.

In this episode, Hannah speaks on the importance of the struggle beyond what we can see, why it is beyond flesh and blood, and why ignorance, complacency, and indifference can make us victims to excessive burnout and unnecessary battles. Growing in your faith is also about standing up for righteousness.

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The Laying Foundations Series is a 4-part series and contains the essential things everyone should know in our journey toward freedom. These parts include understanding who we are, understanding who God is, understanding who Satan is, and understanding our fight and who it is against, which will be tackled today.


“Knowledge is just the beginning, you can have a ton of knowledge and not apply anything.”

“The wisdom and the knowledge that we are blessed enough to have is only a fraction of the total knowledge and wisdom of God.  

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Dr. Charles Stanley

Matthew Henry

●       Book Mentioned –

Confronting Casual Christianity by Dr. Charles Stanley

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