The 5 Enemies of your Breakthrough

The 5 Enemies of Your Breakthrough

Yes, there are more than 5 Enemies of your Breakthrough. Way more actually.

However, these 5 “silent lurkers” can flow under the surface with a powerful current that pulls you away from the shore of God’s truth, purpose, and His freedom.

Much of our journey in this life can seem like an uphill battle, and that’s because it is. We are continuously battling the flesh (ours and others), the thoughts, the will, the emotions, the frustrations, the coincidences, and the surprises.

So many of our experiences simply weren’t supposed to “be that way”. Though we can’t help what we can’t help, these 5 Enemies of your breakthrough are things that we can work toward and overcome with God’s help (and our being intentional and obedient). And, here they are:

1. Disobedience

2. Doubt

“Doubt is the #1 killer and inhibitor of FAITH

Hannah Forbes-Smith

3. Unforgiveness

4. Pride

5. Dishonesty

The 5 Enemies of your breakthrough are hinderances, but they are also moveable mountains. As you press forward, commit areas that may be a struggle to God in prayer – and be aware of situations that will arise to test you.

Growing in Grace,


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