New FREE Printables available NOW!


Looking for specific scriptures to help you through those difficult emotions?⁣⁣
Not sure where to find God’s will in His word when you’re navigating muddy waters?⁣⁣ Or maybe you’d like to venture into a specific study and would like some biblical scriptures for reference…
Add these new FREE printables to your devotional material to keep on hand and in your heart!⁣⁣
These beautiful color-themed floral printables are a quick and convenient resource to help point you to specific scriptures based on specific areas in your life. ⁣You may know of someone who could benefit from seeing what God has to say on the matter.

They’re an even better resource for meditating on the Word of God and helping to enrich and strengthen your devotional time. ⁣⁣
Anger, conflict, and dying to self, are just a few of the focus areas. Head over to the “Free Printables & Resources” tab here for access to your new FREE printables now!⁣⁣
Have a particular topic area that you’d like to study more on? Drop your suggestions below!⁣⁣

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