The MRKD Store is HERE!

Folks, The MRKD Store is here!

I remember like it was yesterday…

I heard something about a new and pretty serious virus that was taking over the world, and before you knew it, I was out of work and home with my children. 

It seemed like it would be forever, this new way of life. 

With the passing days and the threat of fear that never seemed to end, I began realizing deeply that our faith was all that we had. In reality, it’s all we’ve ever had. 

This season of grave shaking turned the home into something different. By force, we began spending enormous amounts of time at home. Working, worrying, educating our kids (if we had them), and quarantining. We faced aspects of our lives that were previously folded away or drowned out by the busyness and hustle and bustle of coming and going.

In this season, I wanted rich biblical and educational material in order to enhance daily learning for my Littles. I wanted to enhance my prayer time and my prayer space. I wanted constant reminders of God’s word, hope, and truth not just tucked in my journals or my bible or bookshelf. I needed to be reminded of my faith and I needed to see it!

I wanted to see it in my kitchen.

On the walls in my bathroom and bedroom.

In my office on my desk.

I wanted to see it waking up and when I went down for the evening.

I wanted my kids to see this too, and soak in it daily while learning.

And, that is how…The MRKD Store was born.

Home is where the heart is, but more than anything, home is where the REST is. The MRKD Store specializes in soul-strengthening, Christ-centered gifts and goods for the Godly Woman, Her Home & Her Littles.

And, now that The MRKD Store is here, the best news is that you can start shopping RIGHT NOW and receive 10% off of your 1st purchase using the code: 9Y84XRFJJ4ZA

Here’s to New Beginnings,

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