Late Night Series – Relationships Gone South

How could this happen? How in the world did I get here?

Sweet Friend,

When a relationship has gone south, it hurts, I know. 

Maybe you’re confused about how clear and sunny skies suddenly became thick and cloudy.

Maybe there has always been fog and, surely, by now you thought by now it would clear.

Whatever it is, the direction and quality of your life and this relationship that has gone south – whether with friends, the church, loved ones, or a Spouse – is falling short of what you envisioned and longed for.

And, if you’re being honest, it’s heart-wrenching. 

You may not be able to change the circumstances surrounding that relationship, but you CAN change your focus. God IS with you and there is ALWAYS a lesson. 

Imagine a woman in labor.

Each agonizing pang of contractions work together to open and prepare her body to birth. Let each pang of pain not harden and close your heart off, but instead open it to what God can and will birth in this space, should you choose to trust Him. 

The late-night series is for the souls that need anchoring in the night hour, reach for and receive the rest of the Lord.

He hears every clamoring thought, every cry, every question. As you search your heart tonight, may He be found.

Set your heart on learning from Him and hearing how He wishes to use this circumstance for His glory. 

Now Rest,


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