Late Night Series – 6 Steps to Hopping off the Treadmill

Late Night Series - Hopping off the treadmill

Are you struggling with hopping off the treadmill? Finding it difficult to shut off compulsive thinking or planning?

Does it seem like every moment for resting is hijacked by some reminder, notification, or pull toward doing, doing, doing?

You’re NOT alone!

When hopping off the treadmill fills your chest with anxiety, think on this: repetitive dwelling on that matter won’t actually change the matter and worrying won’t add a single second to your life.

Instead, why don’t you take this as an open invitation to trust in God through stepping away for the evening – guilt free?

It seems counter-intuitive, but resting will actually propel your faith and productivity AND if you dare to take it a step further by not only resting but using this time to fortify your spirit through seeking the Lord’s kingdom first- Sis, ALL your needs will be added to you.

Now that’s rest!

Here are a few more practical things you can do to help with hopping off of the treadmill:

  • Log out of your email once the sun goes down
  • Shut off your phone or put it on do not disturb
  • Set an early bed time and honor it
  • Set your Bible and some good meaty (and by meaty, I mean Holy-Spirit nourishing and equipping) books by your bedside to feast on before bed.
  • Write out your praises to God during this “hopping off the treadmill time”. Sometimes our minds can wander in prayer. This isn’t intended to replace the power of the spoken word, but can help to keep your mind focused and engaged as you write.
  • Hopping off the treadmill isn’t exclusive to the end of your day. You may need to hop off during the hustle and bustle. Set aside time to take an actual lunch break (away from your desk and gadgets). Use this time to pray, talk to the Lord, and observe and take in your surroundings.

Now Rest,


The #latenight series is for the souls that need anchoring in the late night hour, reach for and receive the rest of the Lord.

He hears every clamoring thought, every cry, every question. As you search your heart tonight, may He be found.

Have a prayer request weighing on your heart? Don’t go it alone. Leave it in the comments.

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