The Biggest Life Lesson I Learned this Year

The Biggest Life Lesson I learned this year

The biggest life lesson I learned this year is that…

Time is Precious

This year was chilling. I lost more people I knew than I have fingers to count, and with each notification of loss came the blaring sentiment and all too real fact that time is indeed precious. 

Scriptures like James 4:14 and Psalm 90:3-6 are helpful in keeping me grounded and aware of the scope of this here life. 

Time is precious (or rare) because:

– It waits for no one.
– It comes slow but leaves fast. 
– It happens only once and when it’s done, it’s done forever.
– It is an ongoing mystery. No one ever knows what the next minute will hold – yet we get “used” to having time and hence take time for granted.

Have any of the above factors rang true for you lately? Here are some questions to consider as you navigate this new year:

– Am I making the best use of my time?
– What do I need to do more of?
– What do I need to do less of?
–  How can I live more meaningfully, with the awareness that time is constantly passing and will one day run out? 

 Am I graciously practicing living within the God-given constraints of time? (making time to rest, balancing, steering away from anxiety and worry due to lack of control, etc.)

By God’s grace, we are days away from entering a new year. Let’s join hearts in living soberly, lovingly, and purposefully as time is truly precious.

If you could benefit from doing some more introspection for the new year, stay tuned for the next “She’s Marked” Podcast episode (21) where I’ll be asking deep questions for deep reflection. 

Thank you so very much for being a part of this space…Happy New Year!

Growing in Grace all 2023,

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