The “5 in 5” is Coming!

She's Marked Podcast episodes

To my Podcast Audience…the 5 in 5 is coming…

I’m so pleased to share that I’ve set an objective outside of my familiar routine and here it is…

5 Episodes in 5 Days!

That’s right!

Starting this Monday, January 9th, a new episode of the She’s Marked Podcast will be released at the top of the morning, every morning AND you’re the first to know about it (see the sneak preview at the bottom of this email).

What can be expected from a FULL week of 5 new episodes?

Prayerfully, the benefit of you gaining momentum and perspective as you press toward emotional restoration through Christ and Christ alone.


One of my heart’s desires this year to increase in discipline and decrease in my comfortability with comfort zones – and this labor of love and service is the first fruit of that. 

Another part of that is cutting the strings with meaningless things – a quote that I penned a couple years ago. Thus, I have deactivated my Facebook and Instagram accounts for the time being. There are so many areas and ways that I can (and now am) exerting my energies, skills, and attention.

I’ve also been using this time to repent, refresh, and renew.

I long to go deeper in intercession and travail. I long to be better versed and enmeshed in the Word of God (the Bible). I also long to part ways with the world’s standards of hustling and success.

It’s dizzying and quite honestly, I always come up short and empty still!

So in this blessed season of rest, I’m committing my heart and affection on the Lord, the ministry of my family, and YOU

Continue to follow the Blog, the Podcast and even my Youtube channel where I will be active. I will also be posting periodically on the FB and IG pages for The MRKD Store.

After this “5 in 5” I will continue on with a monthly episode release – but am considering doing bi-weekly. We’ll see (I’d love to know if you all would like that too! Feel welcomed to email me back).

Lastly, help me spread word of the She’s Marked Podcast by leaving a 5-star review. I want to continue ministering to the emotional and heart needs of women through the message of Jesus our Savior and Healer.

Also, forward the “5 in 5” news to bless your friends.

Would you help me in that?

Growing in Grace all 2023,

*Available on all platforms. Listen to previous episodes here.

Sneak Preview at the upcoming 5 in 5 Episodes:

(Monday) Episode 21 – “79 Power-Packed Questions to Set Your 2023 in Motion

(Tuesday) Episode 22 – “7 Types of Godly Girlfriends Every Christian Woman Needs for her Journey”

(Wednesday) Episode 23 – “Will Your Anchor Hold? Staying Grounded with Life Verses”

(Thursday) Episode 24 – “A Lesson from Nature about Maturity?”

(Friday) Episode 25 – “In Christ Alone”

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