Will Your Anchor Hold? Staying Grounded with Life Verses

She's Marked Podast Will your anchor hold staying grounded with Life verses

Listen to Episode 23 of the She’s Marked Podcast below!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “anchor”? 

I usually think of water, boats, and ships. 

Secondly, I think of grounding, security, and weight.

I think of attachment and protection and safety. Immovability.

I also think of storms and severe weather. 

Anchors essentially keep vessels from going adrift.

How the anchor is crafted and where it’s planted play significant roles in the outcome of that vessel too.

Some anchors are crafted to claw in or dig into the bed of the water. Some are extremely heavy and due to that heaviness, they keep the vessel in place.  

Why are anchors used in the first place? To keep a vessel in one place, and to combat strong wind and currents that want to move the vessel from its place.

Today we explore the depth and weight of our “anchors”. Will your anchor hold?


How firm is your faith?

How deeply rooted are you in preparation for the future winds of life that are guaranteed to hit?

Are you digesting the Word of God, allowing it to transform you and build you?


One such way to strengthen and anchor our souls is by staying grounded with life verses.

Listen in to Episode 23 and find out:

– What a life verse is
– Why you need one
– And, how it can cement you and breathe life into your spirit.

*You won’t want to miss the prayer toward the middle of the episode. I’ll honestly be listening to this entire episode a couple of times to encourage myself. 

Quotes to Remember:

“This is a different type of scripture that you will choose to rest on. That is what a life verse is.”

“Sometimes God doesn’t answer the prayer, but He gives us the grace to go through it.”

“God is sovereign. It’s up to Him whether He answers our prayers and how He answers our prayers.”

“Lord, if it be Your will that I continue to walk through this fire, would you dear Lord give me the grace to endure?”

“God even wins when it seems that satan is victorious.”

“We don’t want to forfeit the work of the Kingdom. Our life is kingdom work. We are about our Father’s business.”

“Saturate, equip, and prepare yourself through the Word of God.”

Scripture References:

Hebrews 6:19

2 Corinthians 12:9

Hebrews 4:12

Want to watch the movie referenced in this episode, “Tortured for Christ”? You can find it through a Google search or via Amazon by clicking here. (Spoiler Alert: I shared quite a bit of detail regarding the movie. Sorry gals!)

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