A Lesson from Nature about Maturity?

It isn’t an everyday thing to learn a lesson from nature about maturity.

One (very random) day, I was researching trees and discovered that there are essentially two types of trees; evergreens and deciduous trees.


I then learned what this interesting word means and the definition was even more capturing than the word itself.

Are you ready? Deciduous literally means “falling off at maturity”.

So, you’re telling me that in the Spring when the tree’s leaves seem to be coming to life and fast forward to the Summer when they are full and lush isn’t actually when they have matured?

What world have I been living in for nearly 38 years? Surely, I’ve been fooled!

The leaves are mature when they basically die and fall off.

I can’t lie, this lesson from nature intrigued me.

Can you sense where I am going with this when I think of maturity in the realm of God’s Kingdom and in the spirit? 

The search carried on, and I happened upon this quote by John Bevere:

“Physical Maturity is bound to time. Spiritual Maturity is bound to obedience”.

Obedience is a type of death. It’s death of pride, selfish ambition and intentions/initiatives. It is a surrendering. a foregoing of your own directives and leadership. Oh, how profound, that as we surrender, as we die, as we lose our lives in obedience to the will of God, we live, we mature.

How are you growing?

How are you maturing?

This also sheds light on the fact that you can be in the faith for years and years and still be immature, due to perpetual and chronic disobedience.

You can be forfeiting your deciduous moment. Failing to mature.

Tune in to Episode 24 as we dig more into this topic and powerful lesson from nature about maturity. 

Quotes to Remember:

“As we mature, there is a shedding that has to take place. And, as that shedding takes place (with our obedience) we begin to die to our flesh nature, we begin to die to our own leadership and governance and become strengthened.”

“What is it that needs to die in your life in order for you to reach full maturity?”

Scripture References: 

James 1:22

Hebrews 12:5-14

James 1:2-4

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