Episode 26 – But I thought I was Healed?

She's Marked Podcast episode 026 But I thought I was healed

“But I thought I was healed?!”

That’s all you can think about and say to yourself as the triggers pile high and your spirit plummets low.

Defeat from recurring struggles may tempt you to write off the desire to be healed, thinking you’re too broken or needy.

Not too many would list “brokenness” and “neediness” as the attributes that draw or attract them toward another.

However, we see in the Word, that Christ Himself exclaimed that these were the very people He came for; those who were sick, broken, and oppressed. 

Maybe God has healed you from brokenness, but you’ve found yourself on a downward slope, unsure of what is happening in this season, or if you will ever come back.  

Are these troubled times making you worry that you may never be healed at all? 
Have you ever said to yourself, “If I am walking with the Lord, why are these triggers from my past eating me up like this again?”

Is it making you drift from God and retreat in isolation and shame?

Do you hide from how you believe God may see you? 

Today, these 2 truths are highlighted:

  1. Everyone who is in Christ is a new creature.
  2. He is looking on you with compassion.

Remember, healing is a process, and after the healing must come the “filling”. If you open your hands and give the Surgeon the wound, in His time He is going to fill you and heal you. 

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Tune in to episode 26 now:

  • Red flags of rebellion
  • Paying attention to areas of resurfacing pain and what to do when this happens
  • How our stumbling reminds us of our need for Christ
  • Ways that the enemy tries to defeat us when we are in the pit and how to overcome
  • Christ is acquainted with our sorrows 

Quote to Remember:

  • “First comes the healing, then comes the filling.”
  • “Don’t let the enemy make you stumble in condemnation or rebellion”.
  • “Even when the Lord has healed us, there is re-learning and reconditioning that has to occur.”
  • “While you may be hiding from the Lord, consider that perhaps He is looking on you with compassion rather than judgment.
  • “He wants you to admit with your own mouth and pursue with the desire of your own heart that you need the healing and that you are fully aware the He is the only Healer.”
  • “He sees that the hiding in shame and escapist behaviors, are rooted in brokenness, rejection, and let downs from those that you expected more from.”


Luke 19:10

Mark 2:13-17

Luke 15:11-32

Philippians 2:12

Psalm 51:17

2 Cor 5:17

Philippians 4:13

Isaiah 53:3 

Psalm 103:11-15

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