The Marked Life Blog Featured in Feedspot’s “Top 100 Christian Women Blogs”!

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Getting the news that The Marked Life Blog is featured in Feedspot’s “Top 100 Christian Women Blogs” was the perfect ending to my day yesterday.

I came across Feedspot in my search for Christian Women blogs a short while ago, and was quite impressed at how informative and organized everything was. You literally have a well-spring of resources at your fingertips and it is easy to access! I was able to find more than what I was originally looking for – it’s that good.

Writing was one of the first gifts the Lord revealed in my life (the first was singing) as a young child.

My Mother shares beautiful memories of my earlier childhood, where I would desperately grab a paper and pen, and insist that she taught me how to write my name. I also have vivid memories of meticulous scribbling (you couldn’t have told me it wasn’t “cursive”) on pages and pages of lined paper. Hey, I had a lot to say!

As I grew, I became a collector of many notebooks. Many of my friends came to know this about me and purchased me tons of journals and notebooks just because.

My mother, also knowing this, purchased my first journal when I was somewhere around 8 years old. I still have it to this day, and I have faithfully penned what could very well be thousands of events, dreams, desires, aches, and lessons in my life up to this very day.

Writing is still this lil’ city girl’s jam.

And, since publishing my first post on the Marked Life Blog in 2019, I’m grateful to start gaining traction in this slow but steady race. In so many instances where I have been tempted (and unsuccessful) to whimper, sulk, and gripe about where I believe I should be by now, I instead intentionally choose to reflect on one of my favorite quotes below:

My heart continues to stir for the Daughters of God.

For their deliverance.

For their healing and wholeness.

For their fire, impact, and yieldedness.

For the standard of intimacy and holiness to shine forth.

For Daughters of the Kingdom of the Living God to be renewed, restored, and released.

If your new here, I’m Hannah. A Worshipper, Writer, Podcaster and newly Certified Biblical Counselor.

I’ve tasted of God’s goodness, and I am so incredibly undone to be able to say that I have experienced His hand and tangible presence in my short 37 years on this side of heaven so far.

To me, He is the God who hears and sees. He is Deliverer. Healer. Father, Comforter. Corrector. Counselor. Restorer. King. Faithful. Protector, and unspeakably Holy.

He hears the cry of His people, and He heard my cry on a cold winter night in December of 2018. Since that night, the trajectory and longings of my heart have never quite been the same.

My life’s calling is to speak healing, life, and the truth of Jesus Christ to wounded spirits and souls, and to help women get back on track and stay on track in their spiritual walk.

I am passionate about gaining deeper intimacy with God, discovering (and aiding others in discovering) divine purpose, and cultivating emotional healing and deliverance. Read more of my bio here.

Anyhow ladies, keep your tanks on full with faith-filled resources and endless topics by some of the most profound voices of today – all in one convenient spot. Check out Feedspot’s Top 100 Christian Women Blogs list, and would you please, share with your girlfriends near and far?

Let’s continue to fulfill the Great Commission until our Savior’s return.

To my new friends over at Feedspot, thank you for this great honor!

Growing in Grace,



4 thoughts on “The Marked Life Blog Featured in Feedspot’s “Top 100 Christian Women Blogs”!

  1. Hello,
    Interesting post
    This is great news! Congratulations on being featured in Feedspot’s “Top 100 Christian Women Blogs”! It’s wonderful that you have found your passion in writing and are using it to inspire and uplift others. Keep up the great work!
    Thank you
    – Stephen Wilk

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