The Tragic Absence of a Village (Motherhood Edition) Episode 28

The Tragic Absence of a Village (Motherhood Edition) Episode 28

The old African proverb may have been directed at children, but the tragic absence of a village is fraying Moms.  

It takes a village to raise a child, but all too often, many mothers and fathers are swirling to take on multiple roles in their children’s lives, with little support.

This is leaving Mothers – who are often the main caretakers – burnt out and stretched thin. 

Hannah shares an insightful article from regarding the absence of the village and shares some of what she learned about the severe impact that the absence of a village is having on today’s Moms especially. 

More in this Episode:

– Tips on how mothers can establish their village

– The benefit and power in numbers and community

– Practical ways that we can offer support to the mothers around us

– For the Moms annual blog series

– and MORE!

Stay tuned for the She’s Marked Podcast’s FIRST round of guest interviews in May!

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