For the Moms – Tides of Faith w/ BMackWrites

For the Moms Tides of Faith

How many children do you have? I have been blessed with three beautiful children.
How old are your child(ren) OR how long have you been a mom? My children are twenty-
five, twenty-three and twenty years old.
Are you a mom of girls, boys, or both? I have two girls and one boy.

How has fierce faith driven you to intercede for, stand with, or fight against on behalf of you and or your family – in spite of what things looked like in the natural?

My faith has been the driving force behind my every move.

Motherhood is a challenging, emotional roller coaster that never ends. I have to keep reminding myself that even though I’m their mom, I’m not their God. God can protect them in ways, I could never.

This world is chaotic. It doesn’t care who it hurts. I take comfort in knowing that even when my children are affected by the pains of this world, God will keep them no matter what.

In what ways has your faith been tested in Motherhood?

First, please let me start off by saying I had an amazing village growing up.

My parents and church family worked collectively in teaching us about the love of God while preparing us for the trials and tribulation to come.

However, even though I came from a strong Christian household, our entire family was shook when my youngest sister died suddenly in her sleep. Her death didn’t make since and to this day we still don’t know the cause. Her autopsy results came back inconclusive. Nothing made sense.

My sister LOVED the Lord. She was a warrior for Christ with a singing voice that could move mountains. She was a loving wife and mom. It was always my assumption that as long as you lived according to God’s word, he would give us longevity.

Her death unleashed a fear in me, and I didn’t know how to shake it. For a long time, I battled the fear of losing one of my children or my husband. Overtime God gave me the peace that surpasseth all understanding, and I realized that what felt like the breaking of me was God’s way of remaking me.

Now that my children are adults, developing their own walk with Christ is vital. I’m learning to stand down, let go and let God when my children face trials and tribulations. It’s not my job to fix everything. I have to trust the teachings my husband and I have imparted into them. I have to remember, God will keep them even when momma’s not there.

I decided to trust his will and remember he would never put more on me than I could bear.

How do you equip your children with the gospel?

My husband and I started teaching them from the moment of conception. We prayed and spoke into their little hearts during each pregnancy.

Of course, we taught them the word, prayed together and kept them in church but we also kept an open-door policy with them. If there was something they didn’t understand or struggled with, we made sure they felt comfortable coming to us without feeling ashamed or judged.

More importantly, we were our children’s first example. We didn’t parent by the “Do as I say not as I do” policy. We lived what we preached to the best of our ability, and we humbled ourselves and admitted to our mistakes.

The hardest part about teaching them God’s true principles has been fighting the urge to intervene when they face their own trials and tribulations. The desire to “fix it” doesn’t go away when they become adults, but it’s a must. Your children have to develop their own walk with God. They’ll never be able to stand on their own if they are constantly holding on to your coat tail.

Listen to God when he instructs you to stand down.

What advice would you give to the mom struggling to find time to fulfill her responsibilities?

I would tell her to be encouraged because she’s definitely not alone. I don’t know one single mother who hasn’t struggled in one form or another.

Developing a system that works for her will take time, diligence and LOTS of patience. Chances are her system will change each time she gives birth.

Don’t get overwhelmed, embrace the adventure. Your sweetest memories are going to be from some of your most challenging moments.

I will never forget the time I called the ambulance when my daughter was first born because she was constipated and screaming to the high heavens. By the time the ambulance arrived, she had pooped.

I will never forget the look on the paramedic’s face when I yelled from the front door and said, “That’s okay. She pooped!” I just know they talked about me on the ride back. LOL!

There is no such thing as a perfect mother. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to get tired. There will be days when you won’t feel like watching Cocomelon or playing tea party. Know your limits and be consistent in teaching your child to respect mommy rest time.

Children learn from repetition so don’t expect from them to immediately understand. Set a schedule and try to stick to it. It’s even easier when you allow your child to help you with the schedule. They
feel heard and look forward to their special time with mom and dad. Motherhood is all about trial
and error.

Don’t beat yourself up when with you make mistakes, learn from them and keep it moving because in all honesty, kids grow up quickly. Focusing on what you should have done will cheat you out of what you could have done during their wonder years.

How can Mothers keep the spark alive in their marriage?

It is imperative that you set aside quality time for you and your spouse.

Motherhood is a huge responsibility and it’s easy to get so caught up with taking care of your children that you forget about both yourself and your husband. It’s importance to remain consistent with couple time when your children are young.

Our children grew to understand the difference between family time and mommy/daddy time. After we put the kids to bed, we had movie night. When we had a babysitter, we went out to dinner or took a quick getaway.

If you take care of you, you’ll have the energy and desire needed to take care of him. Quick showers and greasy pajamas ain’t gone do it either Sis!

Take a bubble bath, get your nails done, buy yourself some sexy undies. Pampering your body stimulates it. Explain this to your man and watch how quickly he starts running that water for you and reading to the kids when you take a moment to regroup, refresh and relax.

I am all the more grateful for the women (like BMackWrites) who have chosen to join me on this journey of transparency. I can’t thank you enough.

For the Moms is an annual written blog series which aims to ignite and connect Godly Women in various stages of Motherhood toward the revelation of their Divinely given assignment and their impact as the gatekeepers of the home. 

The purpose and mission is to elevate Christ and conceptualize Godly character in Motherhood – and to reach down and pull up those Mothers who are just starting, who are understandably worn, or who have somehow lost their way. 

Further, For the Moms is a movement that is calling to attention the warriors within us for the times in which we live. We will aim to unravel the mistakes and cycles of generations past. We will wage war for our families. And, we will diligently seek the Lord’s face concerning His will for our children, and who we are becoming through our Motherhood. 

My prayer is that the women who lay eyes on the For the Moms Series, will be encouraged, emboldened, and all the more hopeful. I sure am.

For the Moms,


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4 thoughts on “For the Moms – Tides of Faith w/ BMackWrites

  1. Great post! I couldn’t imagen losing a sibling unexpectedly and unexplained. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your struggle.


    1. Hi Heather, neither could I! That was an unimaginable valley that BMackWrites and her family crossed, and I am so glad for her sharing the process toward healing with us. Thankful to you for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of the series!


  2. Such good advice – thank you for sharing! As a mom with young children, I so appreciate the words of wisdom from a mom who’s been there.

    I love the reminder that some of the sweetest memories come from the most challenging moments. I’m holding onto that!


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