Episode 29 – Motherhood Simplified with Aimee Niblack

She's Marked Podcast - Motherhood Simplified with Aimee Niblack

At the heart of today’s episode is motherhood simplified. It’s that simple. 

Does this mean picture-perfect homes, prim and proper little ones, and impeccable Mothering? Not hardly!

What motherhood simplified does mean, however, is learning a few key elements and prioritizing them; being intentional, cutting out distractions, building basic routines and the most crucial: embracing your calling as a mom who believes in the Lord Jesus.

Our faith in Christ is the bedrock of all of the roles we have been given. From that faith we get constant direction from the Holy Spirit on how to mother our children, and we undergo the process of sanctification (and what a process that is!) as we submit to the will of the Father in our mothering.

We’re digging in that and more in episode 29.

But first, I am thrilled to, for the first time in “She’s Marked Podcast” history, host guest interviews!

You’re in for a wellspring of wisdom as 3 of our featured “⁠For the Moms⁠” women are joining me here on the podcast. These talks aren’t simply limited to motherhood. We touch on marriage, forgiveness, singleness, surrender, simplifying, and SO much more.

May is the month for nourishing, equipping and stirring Mothers. Tune in for several ways to fill your cup all month long: She’s Marked Podcast, The Marked Life Blog, The MRKD Store and enjoy a special tribute poem to Moms over on ⁠Youtube⁠.

Meet today’s Guest: Aimee Niblack

Aimee Niblack is a homeschooling mama of 6 children ages 6-17. After learning the hard way, she is now passionate about helping other moms simplify their lives so they can live with purpose in their motherhood calling.

Aimee takes us to class today, coaching us with practical tips that simplify our motherhood and hearts. Grab your pens and tune in.

In this episode:

– Simplifying your life to be able to do what God has called you to do

– Being intentional in the mundane of everyday living

– How Aimee equips her children spiritually

– Equipping mothers and helping them to embrace their calling as Christian Moms

– The pressures of cultural expectations and outside influences

– Identifying what is fueling the chaos and cutting out distractions

– Building basic daily and weekly routines

And more!

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