Q&A – Getting to Know Me

Who are you and why are you writing this blog?

I am Hannah, a Singer, Podcaster, Speaker, Writer, and Certified Biblical Counselor. My most cherished roles are Wife to my High School Sweetheart, Mother of 3 sparkly little gals, and Daughter of the King. 

I’m compelled to write this blog not only to encourage others through my journey, but to create a rich platform for daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives to be totally freed from the emotional wounds, mind-sets and “heart-sets” that bind us.

During the past few years, I realized the extent of my emotional wounds and my inability in my own strength to effectively release those emotions.

With a degree in Psychology and (once) pending Post Graduate Certifications in Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I couldn’t help but notice that my increasing knowledge in human behavior and thinking, along with added resources and tools, did very little overall to provide the deep and longstanding freedom that I needed from overwhelm, despair, depression, anger, and other types of emotional anguish/oppression. It was temporary relief and a whole lot of trying to master “beating the system” when the system needed to be flushed and replaced! 

The beginning of my breakthrough came on a cold December night – in the parking lot of a grocery store – when I had a supernatural encounter that forever changed my life. I can’t wait to share that experience sometime.

Since then (and for the above reasons), I withdrew from my study of and sole reliance on the human sciences as my source of truth and understanding. Every word of God proves true (Proverbs 30:5) and His Word (the Bible) is unchanging, infallible, and simply more than enough. 

What makes you different and unique?

I don’t really consider myself any different or unique from the next woman. What I do consider myself to be however, is a woman who is daring enough to unlearn everything that society has taught me in order to fully align with the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I have experienced emptiness as a result of my own efforts, as well as an indescribable fullness through Jesus following my deliverance. This isn’t secondhand information. I was broken and suffering emotionally. I was unable to understand God deeply. I was self-sufficient and operating in my own strength (pride). I was trapped in habitual sin and completely lukewarm. I perceived faith in Christ to be a sort of accessory. I was a born and raised Believer who was on the road to not believing in God at all.

I’ve lived this!

I have gained worldly knowledge concerning human behavior and emotional resiliency. I am now coming into God’s full truth concerning these functions as well as the spiritual warfare and strongholds that are constantly at play in this arena.

Why should someone care about you?

I suppose the person who will care the most about me is the person who can relate to my journey, and who is as desperate enough for freedom and truth as I was and still am.

I don’t present myself as a master of emotional health. In fact, I am only at the doors of learning how to now live a life totally free from negative emotional and cognitive patterns that I’ve learned. This is only achieved through daily obedience to the Word of God and my personal ministry of helping women to realize their warfare, and how to overcome and heal. I care deeply about women coming into an understanding that they were designed by an amazing Creator, and that they can be free and fully restored emotionally through Him alone.

What is a big challenge you had to overcome? Is there a big mistake you’ve made?

Yes, not being aware or equipped to battle spiritual warfare. When you can’t see your opponent and you don’t know how they will move, you cannot fight them effectively (II Cor 2:11). That may sound confusing to some, but I will do my best to shed more light on this as we go along.

As I mentioned before, my approach to managing my emotional health was simply around gaining more knowledge, identifying surface issues, and trying to master them – i.e.) positive thinking, affirmations, life balancing, goal chasing, cutting off negative influences, etc. I wasted a lot of time not developing critical spiritual muscles due to pride, deception, self-sufficiency, and doubt. When I wasn’t trying to “manage” my emotional life, I was losing all control and slipping into rage, deep depression, numbing, and self-hatred. I put myself in the “God” seat, and consequently only factored Him in where and when I saw fit.

In this current season, I am on God’s surgery table as He is shedding everything that has been set in my memory bank regarding former habits and ways of thinking. This will be an ongoing journey that will require me to look only to the Source and to resist all temptations to revert to the old Hannah.

How are you going to help the reader that’s unique?

True emotional deliverance is my desire for everyone and a promise to anyone who honestly calls on the name of Jesus persistently (John 14:14). I heard a Minister articulate this so powerfully:

“Deliverance is for the Desperate!”.

Readers will begin to understand the spiritual foundation of all the emotional ropes that have them tied down. Once we truly understand what is at play, we can then determine how badly we want help to begin fighting the battle correctly. There is only one way and truth (John 14:6) in fighting this battle and that is in the name and undeniable authority of Jesus Christ (Yeshua). What is even more beneficial is a life not only free from emotional bondage but a life of abundance and eternal value. (John 14:3; John 10:10).

What can someone expect from your blog? 

Sisters can expect faith-based research and scriptures regarding deliverance and healing, eBooks, studies, prayers, devotionals, prophetic worship, personal journal entries and vulnerability, and more!

My hope is that this blog along with upcoming literature and resources will primarily draw women back to the feet of the Savior through becoming aware of the reality of the agenda of the enemy against them, and the powerful love, redemption, and freedom that only Jesus Christ can bring.

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