She’s Marked Podcast – The 5 Dangers of Self-Pity

Hats off to Season 2!

We’ve trucked our way through a longer than anticipated Season 1! We arrive at the doors of season 2 with an understanding of the 4 Principle Foundations that Hannah taught on in Season 1:

Understanding Who God Is
Understanding Who We are
Understanding Who Satan Is
Understanding our Fight, and Who it is Against

With these foundational principles laid in place, Hannah prepares to directly address a number of emotional mountains and complexities in Season 2, and how Women of God can navigate and overwhelmingly conquer with the strength of Jesus Christ. We begin with Self-Pity. 

In this Episode:

Giving God Your Pain;
The Pain is NEVER in vain
Overwhelmingly Conquering in Trials
Learn about God’s Sovereignty and purpose for our pain as outlined in Scripture
Hannah’s Transformative Vision and it’s meaning
The 5 dangers of Self Pity: Idolizing sorrow, imprisoning your thoughts and more
The blueprint for rightful thinking as outlined in Scripture

Scripture References:

Romans 8:33
Hebrews 12:11
Psalm 144:1


“You can choose – with intentionality, commitment and consistency – to loosen the grip.”

“The more you dwell, the larger it swells.”

“Morning, noon, and night, the redundant, “Woe is me” melody arrests and torments your mind against your will.”

“The pain is never in vain. God has a lesson in every wilderness that you go through.”

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